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Social Security Lawyer in Tampa Bay, FL

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Disabilities of any kind affect an individual’s lifestyle in a number of ways. They may make it difficult for a person to find or maintain a job or they may inhibit one’s ability to enjoy daily or recreational activities. In our country, we have a system in place that is designed to help those individuals whose lives are impacted by various disabilities and help them lead the best lives possible. This being said, the social security benefits system is not always so accommodating and it can be a struggle to gain the necessary benefits. Thankfully, there is hope for obtaining social security benefits through various means.

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The first step of course is to apply for social security benefits, which can be done through government agencies. However, said application isn’t always accepted, which is where a skillful attorney can really help out. When a person’s social security benefit is decline, there is an appeal process that one can go through to help an individual gain the benefits that they need. This appeal process can be a difficult one and skill is certainly welcome to know what is needed to see that an appeal goes through successfully.

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In fact, those who seek legal counsel for fighting a social security appeal are much more likely to receive approval than those who do not. By using an individual’s medical records, combined with necessary doctors’ and witnesses’ testimonies, a case can be built that the Social Security Agency is much more likely to listen to. Attorney Manuel Franco has been helping local individuals in Florida obtain their social security rights and has become a highly proficient attorney in this field. With years of experience and an impressive track records of victories, he and the team at the Franco Law Firm can help you obtain the benefits you need as well. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation with us, please call (813) 872-0929.

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