Is Negligence the Only Basis for a Personal Injury Case?

There are some incidents that occur in which a person sustains an injury as the result of the actions of someone else. This creates grounds for a person to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to gain compensation from the injuring agency to help pay for the costs of the injury. One of the most common causes for a personal injury case is negligence. This is when the carelessness or ill-preparation of a person or company leads to an incident being caused in which someone is hurt. While this is a very common reason for a personal injury case, it is not the only one and there are many other circumstances in which a personal injury case can and should be filed.

A common other reason for a personal injury case is medical malpractice. While all doctors have to go through intensive schooling and practice in order to perform their duties, there are times when a doctor or medical professional will make a dire mistake and indeed do more harm than good. There are even instances where a doctor will intentionally cause harm or lie for selfish gain. This is not an okay practice and creates grounds for a filing of a medical malpractice suit. Other examples include dire and withheld side effects of medication that cause major problems, which are usually advertised in commercials on television. In extreme cases, if a person dies wrongfully due to medical malpractice, the door opens for a wrongful death lawsuit as well.

Another somewhat common circumstance for a personal injury case is for injuries sustained from defective products. A company has an obligation to create safe products and state any precautions that should be taken. If the company fails in that obligation, a lawsuit can be filed. One common example of this is a defective car part that regularly fails and causes accidents. They are usually recalled, but sometimes the damage is done beforehand. Not providing adequate and understandable warning labels also opens liability on the company’s part.

There are numerous other reasons why a person may want to file a personal injury lawsuit, ranging from slip and fall accidents, defamation, or if someone’s dog attacks another person. In any of these circumstances, if a person suffers an injury because of the carelessness or malice of another, then he or she has full rights to seek financial compensation to help offset the costs of these injuries. Have you or someone you know found yourself in these circumstances? If so, then the attorneys at the Franco Law Firm can help you win your case against negligence and other injustices. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, please call us at 813 872 0929.