Social Security Law in Florida

The Social Security program is a system managed by the federal government that provides financial support to people that are in situations in which they need a source of income and cannot find it through work. This includes people with disabilities and retired people, along with other people in dire circumstances. Since the Social Security program is a federal one, there is little difference in regulations from state to state, outside of working with office locations specific to a local region. Therefore, social security law in Florida is not too different than any other state’s, however there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to acquiring Social Security benefits in our state.

The type of benefits given by the Social Security Administration is exactly the same throughout all fifty states, however the determining factor on how much those benefits will matter depends on the cost of living in each specific state. For example, the cost of living is much higher in California and New York than it is in Florida, so if the same amount of money was provided, it would be able to be put to less usage in those two states. That is why many of the social security benefits are administered on a percentage sliding scale. Remember that the idea to provide livable income, so if you were to hear of more funds being dispensed in other states, this may be why.

Many calculations involving social security benefits rely on cost of living, which is especially important for retired people who are seeking to utilize the Social Security system. Florida is a state with a high population of retirees, therefore knowing what kinds of benefits might become available upon a person’s retirement is important to be aware of so that an individual knows how much to invest into Social Security, through taxes and cuts from paychecks, at a younger age.

Whether you are a retired or soon to be retired person or a person who requires social security benefits for another circumstance, it is important to be aware of how funds are dispensed and how you can most take advantage of these benefits. The Franco Law Firm has been working with local Social Security Administration offices in the Tampa Bay Area for many years, so we have a good rapport with them and know the system well enough to help you receive the most amount of benefits possible. To learn more about how we can provide guidance in seeking social security benefits, please call us at 813 872 0929.