Social Security Sites you Should Bookmark

The Social Security program in America helps providing funding for people who need additional resources to live and successful life. Due to the many people that it services and the complexity of the system, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the necessary information to make the most of these benefits. Without the right guidance, it can seem overwhelming trying to apply for and attain social security benefits. Are you looking to apply for social security benefits or overturn a rejected application? If you, then here are some helpful links to websites that help equip you with information about the Social Security program and how you can work through its processes.

The first and most important site that you’ll want to have bookmarked in your internet browser is the official site for the Social Security Administration (SSA). The home page for their site is: On their website, you can begin to apply for benefits, as well as make any changes to your account that affect how funds are dispensed, such as change of address or contact or bank information. A useful subpage of this site, the FAQ page is also a useful resource to help answer any questions that you may have about SS benefits in detail. It can be found at the link here.

Outside of the official government page, the Disability Benefits Help site is a useful resource for helping you navigate the application and appeals process, as well as provide information about which types of benefits might suit you and your situation best. Their home page can be found at: For an easy to read “cheat sheet” for how to apply for benefits, you should refer to one of their helpful guides that can be found at this link.

A third, and also important, site that you will want to bookmark is that of a skilled social security attorney. If your initial Social Security application is rejected, then you will have to go through the appeals process and having legal representation and guidance is a very useful resource to have. An attorney who specializes in social security law will also be able to help tailor your application and appeal case to best claim victory in a SSA court. What site would be best for one of the best social security law firms in the Tampa Bay area? It would be this one of course, that of the Franco Law Firm!

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