Unemployment vs Disability

The core of American social programs is to help those who are unable to generate enough income have the financial assistance that they need to be able to have a happy and successful life. There are numerous programs that aid in this, two of which are the Social Security program and the Office of Unemployment. Both of these programs do great work in helping provide funding people who can’t work, but they serve different roles, but they generally do not overlap at all. Since this is the case almost all the time, one or the other might be the better program for you and your situation.

Unemployment benefits are given by the government to people that are able and willing to work, but cannot find employment anywhere for any number of reasons, usually poor job markets in a certain geographic area. On the other hand, Disability benefits are granted to people who are unable to maintain a steady job because of some medical condition that prevents them from working or from working for very long. When applying for either one of these benefits, it is important to note the reason why the person is applying and pick one accordingly.

Remember too that Unemployment is a temporary financial relief, whereas Disability is a more permanent type of funding. Therefore, it is recommended that a person seek Unemployment first and then, when their time has reached its limit, apply for Disability. Once a person is approved for Disability benefits, he or she will no longer be eligible for Unemployment, so it is smart to take advantage of both programs in that order. There are specific circumstances in which a person could receive both kinds of benefits, but it is very rare and involves people submitting applications in a specific sequence of events that may leave them vulnerable to legal action from the state. Therefore, that is not recommended except in those very rare instances.

Both the Unemployment and Social Security Disability programs provide financial assistance to those that are unable to find work, but it is important to choose the program that is right for you. Even if you select the correct program, it is still possible to be rejected those benefits, which is where an attorney can step. At the Franco Law Firm, we excel in helping people obtain the benefits that are best suited to their situation so that they can live happy and successful lives. For more information about how we can help you obtain the benefits that you need and deserve, please call us at 813 872 0929.