Who Needs a Social Security Attorney?

Here in the United States of America, we have a number of government programs in place to get individuals who might not have a typical life and need extra support in order to be able to have one. One of, if not the largest of these programs is the Social Security program, a federally-designed system that provides aid for people who are unable to find normal work and therefore need to garner regular wages elsewhere to make ends meet. This includes not only people with disabilities, but also retired people and those who have fallen under temporary difficult times.

Unfortunately, this ideal of having a system in place to help everyone in need is limited by its own resources. Therefore, even though there may be many people that legitimately need the Social Security Administration’s assistance, not everyone can acquire it. Funding is finite and there is a selection process that is required to be able to obtain SSI. This creates situations where a person may be turned away from these benefits and left in a situation where they cannot obtain financial aid through said government funding or elsewhere.

This is where a social security attorney can step in and help. Even if a person’s social security application is initially rejected, there is an appeal process that can take place in which a person can reapply for benefits, while providing more information about their situation that may sway the social security judge, the one who determines if an application is accepted. Having a social security attorney during this process is an invaluable asset and drastically increases the chances of overturning a rejection of benefits. This is because a specialist attorney like this knows the system and how to best present a case to the SSA.

Have you applied for Social Security benefits, but have been rejected? Do you feel that this is unfair and you need these benefits for you or your family? Then now is the time to seek the aid of the Franco Law Firm. With years of experience in Florida and the Tampa Bay area helping people fight rejection and acquire the benefits that they need, we have no doubt that we can help you in your case by guiding you through the appeal process, helping you prepare a case with all the necessary information specific to your rejection notice, and standing up for you in the courtroom in front of the SSA judge. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with us in either English or Spanish, please call 813 872 0929.