How Long will I be out of Work?

When an accident happens in the workplace, the injuries caused can generate many negative feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. “How will I recover from my injuries” and “who will pay the medical costs if I am unable to” are both common questions that can come up, but they are largely resolved by the funding that is received from a workers’ compensation claim, which every person hurt in the workplace is entitled to under Florida law. One of the biggest question marks however resides in the uncertainty of when the person will be able to return to work and again earn normal wages.

The answer to this questions largely depends on the severity of the injury that was sustained and the nature of the job. If the injury is minor and the job is not too physically intensive, then the person may be able to return to work right away. For example, if a person working a cubicle-based office job accidentally twists his ankle at work, the injury may require medical attention, but shouldn’t affect job performance so much as to keep him out of work for very long. If a day or two is required for a doctor’s visit or brief hospital stay, then there shouldn’t be too much concern about the person’s employment status.

The main problem arises when the injury is severe enough to keep the person out of work for a while. Thankfully, there are programs that are in place that help workers deal with this leave of absence. If the injury prevents the individual from working, but only should last a few months, then he or she might consider collecting from a short-term disability program, which generally lasts anywhere from three to six months. If the injury is more severe or causes a larger disability, then the person might instead want to collect long-term disability, which can last a year or longer. Both of these systems allow the person to gain a percentage of the earnings that he or she was making prior to the injury, but also gives him or her time to tend to those wounds and return to full health.

Knowing your rights as a person who is injured in the workplace is important to understanding what options are available to you. If you feel that your employer is not being honest or is handling the situation unfairly, especially if they are not providing any sort of coverage or workers’ compensation, then it’s time to speak with an attorney who excels in this type of law, notably Manual Franco of the Franco Law Firm. To learn more about how we can help in your workplace injury process and workers’ compensation case, please call us at 813 872 0929.