What Benefits am I Entitled to?

When a major accident happens while at the workplace, it can be normal to feel that the universe is treating you unfairly. Between treating the injury itself, all the paperwork involved with reporting the incident, and the stress of paying for the medical costs associated with the injury, a major workplace accident can put a major strain on the afflicted person’s life and finances. Thankfully, there are certain benefits that a person injured in the workplace is entitled to that make managing such difficult circumstances just a little bit easier, especially because of Florida law regarding such cases.

In the State of Florida, any employee who is injured in the workplace or while on the job is entitled to some form of worker’s compensation. This means that the employer must may for, or at the very least assist heavily with, the medical costs associated with sustaining an injury that is related to that person’s employment. Any effort or refusal on the part of the employer to provide this kind of financial compensation is considered illegal and is grounds for a lawsuit to be filed against them. Remember too that according to Florida law, no cause or fault has to be provided for the workplace injury; the fact that an injury did take place and requires restitution is enough to justify a workers’ compensation claim.

A person who is injured on the job and is rendered unable to work for a time is also entitled to short or long term disability benefits. These are the two types of disability benefits and they are almost always available to employees through insurance plans offered at work or through government agencies. As the name implies, short-term disability is meant to provide coverage for missed wages due to an injury or medical condition that only lasts for about 3 to six months. If the injury or condition would last longer, then it would fall under the category of long-term disability, which could be valid for a year or longer.

If you or someone you know is injured on the job, then you will be entitled to benefits in the form of financial compensation for the medical costs associated with the injury and, if the injury is severe enough to cause you to miss work for an extended period of time, compensation for lost wages up to a certain percentage of your current salary. If your employer makes an effort to withhold these benefits from you, then you will want to pursue legal action with the help of an attorney who can not only explain fully the rights that you have, but also help you obtain the benefits that you need and deserve. To learn more about how the experts at the Franco Law Firm can help you with your workers’ compensation case or disability benefits claim, please call us at 813 872 0929 to schedule a free consultation.