Who Needs a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

There is an old saying that declares that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Whether this is true for a person or not, the fact is that sometimes work is not always so pleasant, and that goes even beyond simply strict bosses or rude customers. Sometimes accidents happen at work and these accidents cause injuries that either inhibit a person from doing his or her job or prevent him or her from working altogether. If this happens, it is completely within a person’s rights to file for worker’s compensation with their company.

Worker’s compensation is the system that is in place in which an employer must provide financial assistance to an employee who is injured while on the job or who is performing work related activities. Normally this is a fairly easy process to go through; a person who is hurt on the job can file for worker’s compensation with their human resources director and his or her medical costs should be covered.

However, this ideal is not always the case because there are times when an employer will try to dodge dispensing any funds. They may try to claim that the injury is not severe enough to garner medical attention or that the individual was not performing work related activities even though he or she was in the office or on site. An employer can say what they would like about an injury, however, in the State of Florida, it is completely illegal to withhold worker’s compensation money. In fact, according to said state laws, there is not even a need to prove causality or fault; the only thing that matters is that a person was hurt and was indeed hurt while at the site where he or she works.

If an employer tries to avoid or refuses to provide worker’s compensation, then the injured employee has the complete right to file a lawsuit against them in order to receive the funds that he or she needs. This is where a worker’s comp attorney comes in. A skilled attorney will be familiar with both state and federal laws regarding worker’s compensation cases and be able to help the employee navigate through what he or she needs to do to win the case and return to work fully healthy. Manuel Franco is one such lawyer who not only has the expertise in worker’s compensation law, but also plenty of experience serving the Tampa Bay area in this capacity. To schedule a free consultation with him or acquire more information, please call 813 872 0929.