Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida

When a person is injured while at work or performing work-related activities, it is the obligation of the employer to help pay for their recovery, including medical costs and sometimes lost wages. This process is called workers’ compensation and applies to people nationwide who suffer injuries while on the job. That being said, the specific tenants of workers’ compensation law tend to vary from state to state and ours in no exception. Thankfully, Florida law is very kind to injured employees and has a handful of strong laws in place to protect their rights and guarantee them the assistance they need.

The most important aspect of Florida workers’ compensation law is the fact that it is compulsory. This means that it is legally required for an employer to provide workers’ compensation for any and all employees and to withhold them is considered a crime. In addition, when filing a workers’ compensation claim, it is not mandatory to provide the cause of the incident or who is at fault in order to receive funds. According to Florida statutes, the only relevant requirement to receiving workers’ compensation is that an injury was sustained and it was inflicted while the individual was on the job.

There are other Florida laws that regulate workers’ compensation as well that are relevant to choice of physician and the time frame in which a claim may be filed. When a claim is filed, the employee should be given a list of physicians that are within the network of the employer’s insurance company and he or she may choose any to treat their injuries. This is done to prevent the employer from forcing a person to see one doctor or another. During the case, the employee may change physicians once if he or she is not satisfied with their health care. With regards to timeframes, a worker’s compensation claim should be filed within seven days of the accident taking place, although it should be filed as soon as possible for best results.

If any employer attempts to violate any of these Florida guidelines, such as denying the right to workers’ compensation, then there is grounds for a lawsuit to be filed against them. If it comes to this, the assistance of an attorney skilled in workers’ compensation law is an invaluable asset and makes the process much smoother. To learn more about how the Franco Law Firm can help you in filing your workers’ compensation case, please call us at 813 872 0929 for a free consultation.