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Workers Compensation Lawyer in Tampa Bay, Florida

Injured On The Job?

There is an old adage that states that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Sometimes however, things happen at work that you don’t love and you find yourself in a situation where you may be unable to work for a time. When you are injured on the job, it is the responsibility of your employer to help pay for the costs of those injuries, typically including medical bills and any necessary hospitalization time and visits to the doctor’s office. However, sometimes your place of work will be unwilling to aid in this or pay minimally so that your medical costs aren’t covered. 

Manuel Franco has worked in workers’ compensation law for over 25 years. If you live in the Tampa, FL or Brandon, FL or anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area and require legal assistance, do not hesitate to give our firm a call.

In the State of Florida, it is Illegal to Withhold Funding for Workers’ Compensation

Therefore if your employer is unwilling to compensate you for the injuries you sustain while on the job, you have complete legal grounds to seek restitution. Thankfully, according to Florida law, you also don’t have to prove anyone’s fault in the workplace injury nor do you have to state the injury’s cause. The only relevant information in a workers’ compensation case is the sheer fact that injuries were sustained while the individual was on the job.

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If your employer or insurance company does not offer your sufficient workers’ compensation, then you can and very much so should file a claim against them. Of course, it would also be wise to have a sharp attorney who is fluent in Florida workers’ compensation law and has experience with such cases. Manuel Franco of the Franco Law Firm has been serving the Tampa Bay area for years and is skilled with winning back your right to compensation for workplace injuries. If you, or someone you know, has been injured while at work, please feel free to call us at (813) 872-0929 to schedule a free consultation so you can get back to work and feeling great.

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