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Tampa Workplace Mental Stress Lawyer

When you think of workplace injuries, you may immediately think of the physical variety, like head trauma, fractures, bruises, sprains, burns, and carpal tunnel syndrome. But injuries can be of a mental variety as well. They can cause extreme stress and other emotional trauma.

Of course, most people do think that work is stressful, so where do we draw the line when it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim? You can file a claim for stress and anxiety caused by the workplace. However, as you can imagine, the bar is very high and proving this type of claim is very difficult. That’s because these illnesses are often invisible and the connection to the workplace is not always obvious.

That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side to help you build a strong case. See how a Tampa workplace mental stress lawyer from Franco Law Firm can assist you with your claim.

Proving Mental Stress in the Workplace

In a workers’ compensation case, the employee bears the burden of proving that their injury or illness is a result of their work. This can be fairly easy with physical injuries, but when it comes to mental health issues, showing a connection between your illness and your job is often much more challenging unless there was a traumatic event (such as a shooting or other workplace violence).

Most mental health injuries happen over time, which can make it harder to prove that your injury was caused by your work environment. For example, a constantly screaming boss who imposes unreasonable deadlines could cause you significant anxiety, but it could be hard to prove that your anxiety isn’t caused by other factors, such as financial stress.

One good way to prove this is by working with experienced mental health professionals. They can assess the state of your mental health and establish that your job is causing your mental health issues. They can document the events in your workplace to provide solid testimony for your workers’ compensation claim.

Effects of Workplace Stress

Stress may be mental in nature, but it can cause physical effects on one’s health. The link between mental stress and cardiovascular disease is well-established, with the risks of stroke and heart attack rising. Stress can also increase the risk of diabetes as well as gastrointestinal disorders.

Workplace stress can also lead to serious mental issues, such as anxiety, depression, and burnout. Substance use disorders are also common, with stressed-out employees turning to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

Contact Franco Law Firm Today

Mental stress from work may not seem like a serious issue, unlike a physical injury, but the effects are real. Stressful jobs can lead to burnout, poor health, and even an increased risk of injury.

Getting approved for a stress-related workplace claim, however, is no easy task. Franco Law Firm is up to the challenge. Our team will fight for your legal rights and get you adequate compensation for your mental stress issues. Schedule a consultation with our Tampa mental stress claims lawyer by calling (813) 872-0929 or filling out the online form.

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