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Lawyers Who Care About You, Your Recovery, Your Life

If you have suffered from an personal injury at work or in an accident, contact Franco Law Firm for personalized representation. Let us ensure you receive the benefits you need to increase the quality of your life after an injury.

Workers' Comp

When you are injured on the job, it is the responsibility of your employer to help pay for the costs of those injuries, typically including medical bills and any necessary hospitalization time and doctor’s visits.

Personal Injury

Accidents and injury put a lot of strain on you physically and financially. You need time to heal and recover from your wounds. You also have to pay for expensive medical bills and repairs.

Social Security

Disabilities of any kind affect an individual’s lifestyle in a number of ways. They may make it difficult for a person to find or maintain a job or they may inhibit one’s ability to enjoy daily or recreational activities.

Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm in Tampa, FL

You try to stay in good health. You eat right, exercise, and even get eight hours of sleep each night. But despite your best efforts to remain healthy, accidents happen. When an accident occurs, you’ll need to take some time off work to recover, depending on the extent of your injuries. But this time off causes you to temporarily lose your income. If someone’s negligence or a work or car accident has caused your personal injury, the law in Tampa, FL allows you to seek restitution. Meet with Franco Law Firm and we’ll help you build a case to receive compensation.

Manuel Franco

Founding Partner

Attorney Manuel Franco specializes in several areas of the law. He provides legal counsel in Personal Injury cases, Workers’ Compensation cases and Social Security cases.

Rely on an Experienced Lawyer

Speak with a lawyer who understands your case and personal injury law in Tampa, FL. Wether you have a case for Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, or Social Security, we can provide you with the guidance you need.








800 W. Dr, M.L. King Jr., Suite 1 Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603

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