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Department of Labor Cracks Down on Tampa Contractors After Crane Collapse


Construction accidents have become all too common in Tampa, and the Department of Justice is holding negligent contractors accountable for serious safety violations. Memories of the Surfside Condo Collapse are still fresh in our minds, and yet construction collapses show no sign of slowing down. Frequent crane collapses have become particularly worrying. These accidents are supposed to be rare. If you were injured in a Tampa crane collapse, you have every right to explore your legal options.

Fatal Crane Collapse “Could Have Been Prevented” 

In April of 2024, Department of Labor investigators concluded that a fatal crane collapse in 2023 “could have been prevented.” This accident made headlines in October of that year, claiming the life of a 37-year-old construction worker. The worker suffered catastrophic injuries after being struck by a falling boom.

A subsequent investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that the contractors involved in this accident had violated various safety regulations. Investigators determined that one Tampa-based contractor had failed to make sure that “ground conditions were adequate to support the crane.”

The accident occurred when workers attempted to lift a 10,700-pound panel into place. This weight caused an outrigger to fail, triggering the crane collapse – and causing the worker’s death.

OSHA issued a serious citation after learning that workers had been allowed to use extension ladders to reach the panels in an unsafe manner. Secondly, the contractor was cited for not properly inspecting the chain used to lift the panels. This chain required a year’s worth of inspection records, but the contractor apparently failed to provide any documentation in this regard.

An OSHA representative concluded by saying:

“The death of any worker is a terrible loss that leaves their family, friends and co-workers devastated. Their pain only worsened when learning the tragedy could have been prevented. Our investigation found Concrete Impressions and Adcock Cranes failed in their responsibilities to provide employees with a safe work environment.”

 What Happens if You Lose Family to a Crane Accident in Tampa? 

If you have lost a loved one to a fatal crane accident in Tampa, you have options. Workers’ compensation provides death benefits – and it can cover funeral costs, missed future wages, unpaid medical bills, and any other losses your family incurred. In some situations, you may pursue even greater compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Speak with a qualified Tampa workers’ comp lawyer to learn more about your options.

Contact The Franco Law Firm Today 

The Department of Labor is trying to hold negligent contractors accountable, but safety citations only achieve so much. Many contractors shrug off fines and continue putting their employees in danger. To ensure real change in Tampa’s construction industry, employees must step up and fight for their rights. Work with the Tampa workers’ compensation lawyers at the Franco Law Firm to pursue the justice and compensation you deserve after a crane collapse. Hold your employer accountable with a Tampa workers’ compensation claim. Book a consultation today.




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