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5 Most Common Types of Social Security Lawsuits

The Social Security program in the United States was designed to help those who are less fortunate due to disability or those who have worked hard their whole lives and aim to retire. It is meant to provide these individuals and families with the supplemental, and sometimes only, income that they need in order to live happily and successfully. This system, like any other, is not perfect however and sometimes fails the people that is claims to aid. When this happens, people file lawsuits or make specific appeals to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to seek justice and the benefits that they desire and need.

The most common type of legal case against the SSA is an appeal of a rejected application. If a person applies for Social Security benefits and it is rejected, that person has a chance to appeal it in front of a special court to have the rejection overturned and the benefits administered. Another common appeal is that when a person feels that he or she is not getting appropriate benefits based on their situation. This is particularly common after a person’s situation changes, such as reaching full retirement from partial, or having the primary income change.

Other lawsuits against the SSA are more unusual, but do happen.  Sometimes examples of discrimination or unfair treatment cases arise after a person feels that he or she has been mistreated or their case mishandled due to any number of factors. There have been a few class action lawsuits against the SSA for failing to provide adequate information, which they are obligated to by law. Finally, cases of fraudulent or unaccepted Social Security insurance tend to occur sometimes as well.

If you or someone you know is involved with one of the above scenarios or any other conflict with the Social Security Administration that hasn’t been listed here, then it is always a good idea to have the insights of an attorney at your disposal. At the Franco Law Firm, we have served many people in the Tampa Bay area in this capacity and we would be happy to assist you as well. To schedule a free consultation, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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