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5 Reasons you should Wear your Seatbelt

You have no doubt see advertisements and public service announcements that declare the great need to wear one’s seat belt while in a car. One of the most famous in Florida has been the “click it or ticket” campaign. There is much more to wearing a seatbelt however than just a catchy slogan and there are many more reasons to wear a seatbelt than just to avoid a traffic violation. Wearing one’s seatbelt drastically decreases the risk of injury in the event of a car accident or road turbulence.

The primary function of the seatbelt is for the safety of the automobile driver or passenger. If the car needs to some to an abrupt stop, having a seatbelt on would prevent the person from flying forward, potentially averting a major injury that would occur if the person hit the windshield or back headboard. In some severe accidents, having a seatbelt on would prevent a person from being thrown from the vehicle as well, if the doors become compromised. Statistics show that pregnant women who are wearing a seatbelt are also significantly more protected from impact damage that could cause a miscarriage.

As noted earlier, some states have it written into law that a driver or passenger in an automobile must be wearing a seatbelt. This is the case in Florida and it places the driver at fault for anyone riding in the vehicle with him or her if a seatbelt is left unworn. If the sometimes expensive fines are not enough to deter one from not wearing a seatbelt, then also consider that wearing a seatbelt increases the effectiveness of an airbag as well.

Wearing a seatbelt while driving or riding in a car is a no-brainer when it comes to road safety. It is however no guarantee against being injured in a car accident, so if you find yourself injured with or without a seatbelt, it is always a safe bet to have an attorney on your side that can help you through the legal aspects of these circumstances. To schedule a free consultation with the Franco Law Firm, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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