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An Insurance Adjuster’s Role in Your Case

When it comes to resolving a worker’s compensation case, one of the most important people involved will be an insurance adjuster. In many cases, the worker will be seeking compensation from the employer’s insurance company, rather than the employing business itself, and the adjuster is the one in charge of determining how much compensation is required and make an offer accordingly. Knowing how the adjuster operates will you help you determine whether it is best to accept or counter a settlement.

First, an insurance adjuster will attempt to learn everything possible about the workplace incident and subsequent medical treatment. This may include an interview with the person filing the claim, however they also will read any police reports, accident reports from the workplace, and public records related to the case. A thorough insurance adjuster will also gather information on the plaintiff, usually from social media.

As noted, the ultimate goal of the insurance adjuster is to ensure that the insurance company spends as little as possible on any given case. Therefore, the values of medical treatment are meticulously reviewed. If the plaintiff is seeking restitution for pain and suffering as well, they will attempt to monetize it to as small an amount as possible.

This research and calculation results in a settlement offer. Sometimes this offer should be taken, but most of the time there is room to negotiate, especially if you have a skillful lawyer on your side to help you. We at the Franco Law Firm have vast experience dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, so we are sure to help you win as much as possible in your worker’s compensation case.

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