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Florida Workers Face Serious Threats from the General Public


When most people think about workplace hazards in Florida, they picture things like dangerous machinery, electric wires, and collapsing scaffolding. However, some of the most serious threats to workers in the Sunshine State are posed by other human beings. Over the past few years, numerous workers have been killed or injured by members of the general public in both intentional attacks and accidents.

Bar Employee Shot in Florida While Trying to Break Up Fight

 On February 2nd of 2024, it was reported that a bar employee had been fatally wounded while trying to break up a fight in Crystal River. Police arrived at the bar at around 1:30 AM to find the victim lying in the parking lot with several gunshot wounds. The employee was attempting to stop an argument between two patrons when he exited the bar and continued a verbal altercation with one of the aggressors.

The patron then went into his vehicle, obtained a firearm, and shot the victim several times. The suspect has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Friends of the employee say that they wish they could turn back time to tell him not to walk out into the parking lot that night.

Florida Department of Transport Worker Critically Injured After Roadside Collision

 On February 8th of 2024, it was reported that a FDOT employee had been “critically injured” after being struck by a truck. The worker was apparently standing at an intersection when a woman in a pickup approached at about 7 AM. Despite the fact that the employee was standing behind traffic cones, the truck still went through the traffic area and hit him. Witnesses say that the truck actually barreled through the traffic cones before striking the worker. It is not clear why the driver lost control in this manner, but foggy conditions may have impaired her visibility.

Tow Truck Driver Shot in Port St. Lucie 

On January 26th of 2024, it was reported that the shooter of a tow truck driver in Port St. Lucie was still behind bars. Predictably, this shooter argued with the tow truck driver, who was in the process of towing away the suspect’s vehicle. Things became heated, and the suspect initially struck the tow truck driver in the face. He then produced a weapon and shot the driver “six times” according to witnesses. These allegations show just how dangerous tow truck driving can be.

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