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In a Car Accident? Here are the Most Common Injuries you should be Examined for:

The severity of a car accident varies dramatically among all of the vastly different kinds of accidents. Due to this variety, there are many different types of injuries that a person could sustain as the result of a car accident. No matter the kind or severity of an accident, it is important to keep these in mind, as some types of injuries do not manifest themselves under later. When in doubt, always be examined by a medical professional to see if you have one of the following injuries or more.

One of the most common forms of injury that is inflicted by a car accident is that to the spine, neck, and back. When a car crashes or brakes hard, a person’s neck can be suddenly jolted, leading to soft tissue damage to the neck and spine. This is known as whiplash. If the incident is more serious, damages to the spinal cord and parts of the back can also occur. These are considered major injuries and should be treated immediately by medical emergency staff at the scene of the accident if they occur. This also applies for possible concussions or brain trauma that occurs from slamming one’s head too hard.

If there is any broken glass or torn metal when the car is damaged, the resulting shrapnel can lead to cuts or lacerations for those in the car. This is typical if a windshield is broken as part of a head-on collision, for example. Depending on the force of the impact and the angle in which people are positioned, broken bones can result. It is more rare and severe, but sometimes damage to internal organs can occur as well from a major collision.

Any time an injury is sustained due to a car accident, it should be well-documented and treated accordingly by medical professionals. If you are not liable for the accident, there is also legal grounds to seek compensation from the other party. To help you through this part of the process, it is a good idea to seek the legal expertise of the Franco Law Firm. To schedule a free consultation, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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