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Reasons Your Insurance Company Isn’t Offering More for an Injury

After years of diligently paying into your insurance plan it’s expected that you’ll be fully covered and paid sufficiently for any eventuality. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case, and after claiming due to an injury you may be unhappy with what the insurance company has offered.

Insurance companies are like any other business in that they want to make a profit. This means they have policies in place to protect them having to pay out too much. There are several reasons why your insurance company may not have offered as much as you expected, or is not paying the full amount. These include:

  • The item not being covered completely by your policy
  • You’ve missed a payment
  • You haven’t supplied them with all the evidence (including reports from medical experts and financial information detailing all the outgoings as a result of the injury)
  • You haven’t followed the claim process correctly
  • You didn’t inform the insurer of a change to your circumstances
  • They believe you have exaggerated your claim and are trying to get more than you should.

Unfortunately claiming on your insurance isn’t as straightforward as most expect. That’s why it’ always important to get legal representation who have experience in this area. You’re more likely to have a successful claim if you have someone who knows the intricacies of this field and can provide the insurance company with all the information they require. They can negotiate on your behalf in order to insure you get a fair amount. Insurance companies have an advantage if they delay claims, as they receive a great deal of capital from their investments. By having a lawyer on your side you can hopefully speed up this process, meaning you’re out of pocket for a much shorter period of time.

If you’re currently dealing with an insurance company, it’s likely they’ll try and deter you from hiring a lawyer. They may attempt to settle quickly if the prospect of legal representation is brought up. You should not be persuaded to accept this figure, as it’s quite likely they know with the right attorney you can get a larger settlement.

If you’re having issues with your claim and need advice, contact the qualified team at Franco Firm.

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