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What to Expect During the Personal Injury Trial Process

If you are in the process of a personal injury claim, you may be feeling a little confused as to what the steps are. Of course every single case is unique and your journey may differ from others, however the general steps commonly found in the personal injury trial process are as follows:

  1. Incident happens and you seek medical attention – it’s important you do so as not only do you need to ensure you’re ok, it will also be integral down the line when it comes to amassing evidence for your claim. Ensure to keep all paperwork for future reference and keep track of expenses and lost wages.
  2. Meet with a personal injury lawyer – research into reputable firms in your area and find which one suits you best. Your lawyer will need to know all about the specifics of your case, and will then let you know if they will take your case on, how they will proceed, and their fee structure.
  3. Review In this phase your personal injury lawyer will begin to build up a strong case on your behalf, so you will need to provide them with the relevant details (such as medical reports and expenses). Your lawyer will then make a firm decision about how to proceed. A great many personal injury cases are settled out of court, as this can be a lengthy and costly process. You might instead opt to file a lawsuit.

4.The Lawsuit After filing a lawsuit is the process of discovery. This is when lawyers from each party question each other as well as third parties about the case, the claimant, and the defense. They may obtain depositions or statements from witnesses.

5.Mediation If the lawyers are unable to settle the claim they may call for a mediator, an objective and neutral lawyer who can help move towards a desirable result without court. If a settlement still cannot be reached, it is finally moved to trail.

6.Trial It can take weeks or even years for a case to be settled in court, it depends on the specifics. The jury selection is carried out by the legal representation, which is a very important part of the process and can determine the success of the case. After panel members are picked, opening statements are provided, then witnesses called. There may be additional proof entered by each witness. Once all the evidence and witnesses have been presented, there are closing arguments. The jurors then deliberate on the verdict. If there’s a hung jury and after further deliberation the jury still cannot reach a consensus, the judge might declare a mistrial. The outcome of the trial is legally binding.

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