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Why Is Workers’ Comp Hard to Deal With?

Any time that a person is injured while on the job, that person is entitled to receive financial compensation from his or her employer or the employer’s insurance company. This program is called worker’s compensation and is a requirement for anyone that sustains a workplace injury. Most of the time, this process works smoothly: the employee reports and injury, files a claim, and the employer or insurance carrier pays for medical expenses.

Sometimes however, the employer will deny the worker his or her right to compensation. This is illegal and this is where workers’ comp becomes hard to deal with. Under these circumstances, the person would need to file a lawsuit against their employer and insurance company all the while trying to recover from the injuries that caused the situation in the first place. Injuries, especially those that cause someone to miss work, can be both physically and emotionally taxing and this creates an environment of stress that should instead be focused on healing.

Moreover, the specific laws that govern workers’ compensation cases vary from state to state. Therefore, it can be somewhat confusing to figure out the best tactics to use and to how to settle the individual case, for the average person at least. For example, some states will argue that if an injury took place on the job, but isn’t work related, it doesn’t qualify for workers’ comp, while some argue the opposite. Knowing the individual state laws shouldn’t fall on the injured person, however it can make the entire process, and which steps to take, confusing.

The best way to traverse the difficulty of a workers’ compensation is to consult with someone who is an expert on the matter, an attorney. A truly skilled attorney will know the state’s laws and how to best proceed with the case in order to help his or her client. At the Franco Law Firm, we have helped many injured employees in Tampa Bay and beyond earn the compensation that they so rightly deserve so that they could forget about the stress of the case and focus on getting well again. To schedule a free consultation with us today and learn how we can help you too win your workers’ comp case, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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