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Can I Sue My Employer Outside of My Worker’s Comp Claim?

Any time that an individual is injured while at the workplace or on the job, that person is eligible to receive financial compensation for his or her injuries in order to cover any and all related medical expenses. If an employer or insurance company refuses to pay this, you have legal grounds to sue them in order to receive compensation. This is commonly known, but one question that often comes up is in regards to if additional lawsuits can be filed along of a worker’s compensation claim.

There may be circumstances that may warrant an additional lawsuit. For example, if there was a malicious attempt to harm a person that ultimately resulted in the injury, there are grounds for a personal injury case along with a worker’s comp one. This may sound like an extreme case, but it happens more often than one thinks. Even if an assault isn’t malicious, if the employer carelessly putting an employee in harm’s way, then another civil case may be desired as well.

Thankfully, you are able to sue an employer beyond just the worker’s comp claim if the situation allows for it. Even in non-personal injury cases, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering can be garnered if they are appropriate to the case. A second lawsuit should not impact the first one and you should be able to receive full amounts from both.

The difficult part of multiple cases is winning both, as sufficient evidence and a shrewd presentation is required. This is why having an expert and experienced attorney on your side is an invaluable resource during both a worker’s compensation and civil lawsuit. We at the Franco Firm fit this bill and would happy to help you win your cases, as we have for so many before. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation today, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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