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Common Workplace Injuries for Factory Workers

Throughout history, factory workers have had to perform in some of the worst conditions. While those conditions have significantly improved since the early days, they are still an at-risk population for sustaining workplace injuries. This is primarily due to the heavy machinery and fast-paced environment that they have to operate under.

Some of the most common workplace injuries that can be sustained by factory workers are damages to muscle and bone. One of the trademarks of factory work is repetitive and highly physical motions and this kind of work tends to wear down joints and tendons. In addition, the usage of large equipment and lifting of heavy objects can sometimes cause strains and sprains. In extreme cases, severe damages or loss of limbs can occur if a body part is caught in machinery.

In addition to the aforementioned trauma injuries, respiratory and other illnesses can be contracted in a factory due to prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals or fumes. While employers should provide adequate safety equipment, sometimes accidents do happen. Skin damage and hearing loss can also occur as a result of these factory conditions.

It is important to remember, as a factory worker, that you are absolutely entitled to receive financial compensation for medical expenses if you are injured while on the job. If the employing company refuses or tries to fight it, you have grounds for a worker’s compensation lawsuit. To learn about how we at the Franco Law Firm can help you win this kind of case and see that you receive the worker’s compensation that you deserve, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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