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How Many Days Does a Workers’ Comp Claim Take to Process?

When an employee is injured while on the job, the first thing that he or she should do, barring any emergency medical treatment of course, is to report it to the company’s human resources department. This will allow the employee and company to get the ball rolling for there to be a workers’ compensation claim to be filed. When processed, workers’ compensation will allow the employer’s insurance company to pay the medical expenses related to the treatment of the injury and take a major financial burden away from the injured person. How long does this process typically take?

After filing the initial claim, the amount of time it takes for the employer’s insurance company to file a claim varies by State. For the most part, however, the claim with either be approved or denied within 14 to 30 days. This gives the insurance company enough time to pursue their own investigation into the matter and assess how much compensation is going to be necessary for any given case. After those few weeks, benefits will begin being dispensed.

That being said, if after this a claim is denied, you may still have the ability to overturn it and pursue your own workers’ compensation lawsuit. This is fortunate because workers’ compensation is a right and you may have grounds to claim it, even if it is initially denied by the insurance company. This process may take longer and depends on the documentation you have and if you have an attorney on your side to help speed up the process.

We at the Franco Law Firm have helped many injured employees win the compensation that they deserve and we would be happy to help you do the same. To learn more about our services and to schedule a free consultation with us today, please call (813) 872-0929.

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