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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Whenever a person is injured while on the job, it is expected that the employer or the employer’s insurance company compensate them for their injuries and cover all medical costs. This is done through the workers’ compensation program and normally the process for acquiring these benefits is simple and streamlined. Sometimes however, if the insurance company doesn’t find a “good enough” reason to dispense funds or the employer tries to find a way out of it, they will deny the injured employee funds. This is where a workers’ comp lawsuit comes in.

Due to the fact that workers’ compensation is a right, it cannot be legally denied an injured employee. Unfortunately, lawsuits can be very difficult to manage for the average person. This is the first major benefit to hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer: they can guide you through and assist with every part of the case. An experienced attorney will know exactly how to proceed at various stages during the case and can therefore advise you to make the best choices.

Secondly, having a lawyer on your side drastically increases the chances of winning the case and seeing compensation won. The employing and insurance companies will no doubt have their own team of lawyers on their side and this stacks the odds woefully against the employee. By hiring an attorney, you as the injured employee even those odds.

Finally, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer allows the employee to focus not on winning a legal battle, but instead on making a full recovery, which is important following a potentially major incident. Recoveries take much longer when stress is high, so having a lawyer to help alleviate that stress is a major boon.

We at the Franco Law Firm have helped many injured workers fight for and win their compensation and we would be happy to help you win yours as well. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation today, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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