Interesting Traffic Accident Facts in Florida

Traffic accidents happen all across the country, but knowing exactly how they happen in your State will help you understand how to avoid them and what should be done to help prevent them in the future. Florida has somewhat of a stigma for being one of the worst for traffic accidents based on the national average and it is somewhat for a good reason.

In the past year, there were 395,579 total traffic accidents across the state, 2,803 of which resulted in one or more fatalities. Only 164,066 crashes led to injuries, however that resulted in just over 250,500 different injuries being inflicted. This is primarily because accidents often don’t cause a single injury, but multiple ones and across more than one person.

Breaking them down further, there were just over 9,200 accidents last year that involved pedestrians, which resulted in the deaths of 620 pedestrians. Similarly, 6,560 accidents had to do with bicyclists, with 113 fatalities being caused among them. This is particularly disturbing, as pedestrians and cyclists are more vulnerable to accidents and injuries when colliding with an automobile.

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