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Most Common Tailgating Injuries During Football Season

With the football season well and truly upon us, you may have already attended a few tailgating events. On the whole tailgating is relatively safe and fun, but there are dangers all football fans should be aware of – after all you don’t want to miss the game due to an accident which could have been avoided.

Sunburn and Dehydration

Two of the most common injuries sustained during tailgating are sunburn and dehydration. In between having fun, be sure to slather yourself in sunscreen and keep hydrated. Drinking alcohol can make you more dehydrated, and you can often be outside in the sun with no protection for hours, so wear a hat and give yourself a break from the booze if you’re feeling lightheaded.


Tailgating can start incredibly early in the morning, with the game not beginning until the afternoon or even evening. Couple that with the alcohol and exposure to the weather, you can start to feel exhausted. It’s important to pace yourself and have a break if needed.


For Northern football fans, tailgating might be a battle against the cold. Be sure to wrap up warm – you can always take off layers if you get too hot. Wear gloves, scarves, hats, and thermals if needed, and bring a change of clothes just in case it rains or snows.

Stomach Problems

The mix of alcohol and food can sometimes cause an upset stomach. Be sure food is cooked all the way through and bring some medicine just in case.

Car Accidents

As there are so many people in one place, accidents can happen. Never drive after drinking, even if you don’t feel drunk, and when leaving the car park be on the lookout of pedestrians walking out from behind the cars – as well as other drivers.

So who is liable if you do get injured tailgating? Well it all depends on the injury sustained and where it happened, as well as the external stimulus (for example alcohol). If you need more guidance, speak with Franco Law Firm for help.

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