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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > Workers' Compensation > Negligent Drivers Continue to Injure Tampa Workers. It Could Get Even Worse.

Negligent Drivers Continue to Injure Tampa Workers. It Could Get Even Worse.


In May of 2024, a driver ran a red light and smashed into an ambulance – critically injuring the paramedic behind the wheel. Three others were injured – including a 70-year-old patient inside the ambulance. Negligent motorists are repeatedly injuring workers on Tampa streets – including construction workers and first responders. Injured commercial drivers in Tampa understand these threats only too well. Unfortunately, a new roadside construction project in Tampa could make these hazards even worse.

Driver That Severely Injured Paramedic Was Fleeing From the Police 

According to numerous reports, the driver who caused a paramedic to suffer life-threatening injuries was in the process of fleeing from a traffic stop. The accident occurred when the driver peeled away from police officers, making a dangerous U-turn and proceeding through a red light. In the interest of public safety, police officers chose not to pursue him. Unfortunately, the motorist failed to slow down even in the absence of pursuing officers.

After running the red light, the driver slammed into an ambulance at a high rate of speed. The paramedic behind the wheel – who had a green light and the right of way – suffered critical, life-threatening injuries. The impact was so severe that it caused the ambulance to flip onto its side. Everyone on board also suffered injuries, including a second paramedic and an elderly patient in the back. The fleeing criminal was also injured.

Unfortunately, many workers are suffering serious injuries in the Tampa Bay area because of negligent, dangerous criminals. There was even one recent report of an arborist struck by a stray bullet while working in a tree.

Roadside Workers Face Serious Threats on Tampa’s Most Dangerous Road 

Tampa locals know that West Cleveland Street is one of the busiest roadways in the metropolitan area. Perhaps because of the number of crashes on this road, the municipality has authorized a number of important improvements. However, the crews tasked with these renovations will undoubtedly face serious threats from passing vehicles. Due to the sheer number of negligent motorists on our roads, the risk of serious injury or death is relatively high.

Crews expect to finish the project in a matter of weeks. During this period, one can only hope that motorists drive carefully. The majority of work is set to be complete at night. Although streets may be less busy at night, there are additional threats to consider – including low visibility and increased risk of intoxication.

Find an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Tampa 

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