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Tampa Bus Crash Kills Eight Farm Workers


A Tampa bus accident has left eight farm workers dead, with dozens more hospitalized. This incident highlights the unique and varied hazards faced by Florida’s many agricultural workers. Bus accidents, extreme heat, and dangerous machinery are just a few threats faced by these workers every day. If you are an injured Tampa farm worker, you are already well aware of how dangerous this job can be.

Pickup Truck Driver High on Drugs Causes Mass Casualty Event in Tampa 

In May of 2024, it was reported that a pickup truck driver in Marion County had caused at least eight deaths after a serious accident on SR-40. The trucker later admitted that he had taken marijuana and prescription drugs before the collision, which also caused 40 hospitalizations. All of the injured and killed individuals were farm workers heading to their shift at about 6:30 AM.

The trucker now faces at least eight counts of DUI manslaughter. Moments before the crash, he crossed the center line and sideswiped the bus, causing it to lose control. The bus then left the road, went through two fences, and rolled over. What made this accident particularly devastating was the fact that no one on board the bus was wearing seatbelts. This was because the bus was not equipped with any safety restraints whatsoever – a common feature (or lack thereof) for vehicles of this type.

After the accident, the truck driver claimed that he had no memory of impacting the bus, stating he had no idea how his vehicle ended up in the wrong lane. After arriving at the crash scene, police noticed the defendant exhibiting slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Although he performed poorly on various field sobriety tests, he did not test positive for alcohol intoxication. It was later determined that the defendant has a criminal record with various driving offenses. The youngest deceased worker was just 20 years old, while the eldest was 46.

Pursuing Compensation After a Tampa Farm Worker Bus Crash 

These workers and their families will undoubtedly have the right to file workers’ compensation claims, even if they are seasonal workers. The real question is whether they can also file injury lawsuits against negligent parties. The DUI defendant seems to have almost no assets. However, the company that provided the bus may be liable. A new regulation in Florida mandates seatbelts on all farmworker transport vehicles – but this law only goes into effect on June 28th.

Find a Tampa Work Accident Lawyer 

The Franco Law Firm can assist injured workers and their families after tragic accidents. Unfortunately, the recent fatal bus crash is just one of many deadly accidents that have threatened Florida farmworkers within the past few months and years. Whether you’re mourning the loss of a loved one or trying to recover from a permanent disability, we can help. Reach out today to learn more about your legal options – and work with an experienced work accident lawyer in Tampa.




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