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Safest Cars on the Road in 2017

Car safety has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and purchasing a vehicle that prioritizes safety should be at the top of your list. Even if you’re a sensible driver, accidents happen.

As cars have improved on their safety, so has the technology to test them. This means it has become increasingly more difficult for models to get a top vehicle safety rating. Alongside traditional vehicle tests other items are now assessed, such as collision avoidance technology. Another recent addition to the test is focused on how well headlights perform. It’s worth noting that both crash collision technology and advance headlights are optional on some of the below models, and their high rating is based on the inclusion of these features.

1.Audi A3

This vehicle received a superior rating thanks to its advances in crash collision technology. Prices range from $31,200 to $42,900.

2.BMW 2 Series

This BMW performed better than Audi in terms of its headlights, but not as well in crash avoidance. Prices range from $33,150 to $52,500.

3.BMW 3 Series

Next is another BMW, the 2 Series, which has a high rating thanks to its front crash prevention system. It starts at $33,450 all the way up to $64,000.

4.Honda CR-V

This compact SUV is a popular choice for many reasons – not least because of its high safety rating. It’s the safest car of its kind, making it the perfect choice for those looking to find a spacious and safe compact SUV. It ranges from $24,065 to $33,695.

5.Subaru Impreza

This is a good all-rounder in terms of safety, scoring reputable scores in all categories. This is the most affordable safe car in the list as well, with prices ranging from $18,395 to $24,595.

6.Toyota Highlander

Next up is this midsize SUV that comes with excellent safety systems as standard. It ranges from $30, 630 to $46,260.

7.Toyota Prius Prime

Finally we finish with the Toyota Prius Prime. Not only does this have a great safety rating, it’s also excellent on millage thanks to being a hybrid. The price ranges from $27,100 to $33,100.

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