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Tips for Getting Your Kids to School Safely

Getting your kids on time and safely to school everyday is a concern for every parent – even more so when they decide to start making the trip alone! So what are some good tips for you (and your kids) to ensure everyone gets there safely and happily everyday?

Be on Time

We all sleep in or forget to set the alarm every so often, but as a parent you should always try to ensure the kids are up in time and ready to go with a few minutes to spare. Being late means rushing, and when you rush you’re more likely to be accident prone. Running can cause trips and falls, and you also want your kid to be able to take their time crossing the road. Let them know that even if they’re late they should still prioritize their safety – it’s not worth getting hurt just to make class on time.


If your kid has decided they’re sensible enough to walk to and from school independently (presuming they’re the right age) then you should encourage their independence. It can be difficult to let them undertake the trip the first few times (for them as well as you) so chaperone them to advise them of where to cross the road and the safest, most efficient route. This will put your mind at ease and gives the child clear instructions to follow.

Drill Road Safety into them

Chances are your kids already know a great deal about road safety from school and their general common sense, but it’s always worth it to brush up on the road rules with them. Don’t try and give them a complex, but ensure they know just how dangerous the road can be – you could try watching some Youtube videos for example. Make sure they know the basics of how and when to cross a road, as well as to pay attention and not look at their phone or be distracted by their music.

Bus Safety

If your child gets the bus to school and they want to to take it by themselves without you, be sure to inform them of the right way to wait. So no messing in the road and be sure to stand at least three steps away from the stop. They should also never run out in front of the bus when they finish school, and always stay seated in the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

If you or your loved one has been injured through no fault of your own, speak to the advisors at Franco  who can help you take the next steps.

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