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Avoid Back to School Injuries

With the start of the school year in full swing, safety should still be at the forefront of your mind. It might surprise you to know that back to school injuries are quite common; it’s a time of change and excitement – and of course there’s just simply more people in one place. So what are the most common back to school injuries and how can you ensure you and your loved ones avoid them?


No matter how much schools attempt to relieve congestions during the start and end of school, there’s alway going to be more cars on the road during that time. Auto accidents account for a great number of the back to school injures, what with car parks being full, people rushing out from between cars to try and avoid being late etc. Ensure to take your time and pay extra attention when in the parking area (which is where the majority of these accidents happen).Be just as alert on the way to and from school, ensuring to keep a watchful eye for school buses and children crossing the roads.


Trying to get kid to calm down in the playground is no mean feat, as such a great deal of injuries center around this area. This ranges from grazes and bumps to broken bones. Every year 200,000 plus under 14s have to go to the hospital thanks to a fall in the playground, so it’s certainly an area that is cause for concern. Check the playground is age appropriate for your child and ensure they’re wearing suitable clothing, as well a checking the surface area is appropriate – soft tarmac is much more forgiving than gravel.


In the state of Florida, accidents involving pedestrians are higher than the national average. This is a worrying statistic, and so it’s integral you teach your children the right way to cross the road and instill in them to be vigilant around cars. If they are old enough and want to walk to school alone, chaperone them the first few times so you can pick appropriate areas to cross the road if they need to.

No matter how careful you are, accident can still happen. If you need legal assistance after and don’t know how to proceed, contact the experts at the Franco Law Firm.

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