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Two Recent Florida Workplace Accidents Highlight Gravity-Related Threats


Gravity-related threats can take many forms at Florida workplaces. While the obvious example is a worker who falls from heights, objects may also fall onto workers operating down below. In the case of very heavy objects, they only need to fall a few feet to cause potentially deadly accidents. For families who have lost loved ones to these workplace accidents, pursuing financial security becomes crucial.

Construction Worker in Sarasota Dies After Fall 

On January 10th of 2024, it was confirmed that a man had lost his life after falling from the ninth floor of a Sarasota construction site. The individual was working on a condo near Golden Gate Point when he fell and suffered a serious head injury. First responders arrived to find him unresponsive, and they declared him deceased soon afterward. Neighbors say that all work on the construction site immediately ground to a halt – with the telltale sounds of the building falling silent for the first time in months.

A construction supervisor later told police that the man was walking across an aluminum beam when he lost his footing. Despite working on the ninth floor, the worker did not fall all the way to the ground level. Instead, he tumbled only about six feet – ultimately striking a concrete section below with protruding rebar. It is not clear whether the rebar caused his head injury, but it seems to have been a factor. This report highlights the fact that even short falls can lead to fatal consequences for Florida construction workers.

Truck Driver Dies After Trailer Falls Onto Him 

Just a day earlier, a truck driver in Jacksonville lost his life after his trailer fell on top of him. Police say they arrived to find the man trapped underneath the bed of his semi-trailer, and it was too late to extricate or save him from fatal wounds. Police later confirmed that the man had been working alone and without supervision while attempting to conduct repairs. Due to unknown circumstances, the trailer suddenly dropped in height and trapped the individual underneath. This incident is especially tragic when you consider the worker was attempting to make his vehicle safe when he suffered fatal injuries. It seems that this was a true professional who did not want to drive unless everything was in perfect condition.

Furthermore, this incident shows how falling objects can cause serious injuries – even if they only fall mere inches. With sufficient weight and size, these objects can trap workers and cause a wide range of life-altering injuries.

Find a Qualified Workers’ Comp Attorney in Tampa 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Tampa, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. Whether you suffered injuries yourself or you’re filing a claim on behalf of a deceased loved one, it is very important to navigate the workers’ compensation system efficiently. Reach out today to discuss the best way to pursue compensation for your workplace accident in Tampa.




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