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What is a Job Expert at a Social Security Disability Hearing?

During the appeal process to have one’s Social Security Disability (SSDI) application accepted or to have the rejection of one overturned, the Administration (SSA) will call upon various professionals to help their side of the case and determine if the individual should receive benefits through their program. One of these types of professionals is called a vocational or job expert, and his or her testimony is very important to the outcome of the hearing.

A job expert is one that is well versed on the current job market and what the qualifications, requirements, and expectations are for many different kinds of professions and jobs. The reason the Social Security Administration calls upon such a person is to help determine if the applicant’s disability truly inhibits him or her from obtaining or holding a job in the fields that he or she is able to be in.

This kind of testimony is particularly important because it has the potential to determine the outcome of a case. Unless one’s disabling condition is a clear indicator or matches one of the automatic qualifiers set forth by the SSA, the cited opinion of the job expert will tell the judge all that he or she needs to know about the applicant’s ability to work and, therefore, necessity to receive benefits.

When forming a case at a SSDI hearing, it is very beneficial to have an attorney’s insight and support in order to combat that of the job expert and SSA judge. We at the Franco Firm are well-versed in Social Security law and have the experience to help you win your case as we have helped so many before. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation today, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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