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What to Do if Your Child is Injured at School or Daycare

It’s a call no parent ever wants to receive—your child is injured at school or daycare. Perhaps they are calling for you to take your child to the hospital, or perhaps your child is waiting at the nurse’s office. Whatever the nature of the injury, it’s important to keep detailed logs of what occurred in the event the injury has lasting or permanent effects on your child. Schools are obligated to provide a generally safe environment for children, ones which include the appropriate types of shelter, transportation, food, and water.

Make sure you have written documentation of your child’s nurse visit, doctor’s appointments, or medical needs following the injury.

If you need to take action against the school for any reason, it’s important to be vigilant in recording the incident. Just like in cases related to worker’s compensation, written documentation of all symptoms and after-effects of an injury—even if they seem unrelated to the original injury—can be helpful in establishing a case.

Keep a cool head.

It’s easy to be very passionate and angry when your child is hurt. But if the school or daycare facility is at fault for the incident, having a level head is critical. Getting angry at the school and accusing them of negligence or a dangerous environment for your child has very long-lasting implications, particularly if you want your child to continue at that school or facility.

Determine if negligence by the school was the determining cause for the incident.

Contact Franco Law Firm to ask a professional about the possibility of liability on the part of the school or daycare. There are many types of incidents that occur at schools both public and private, and different types of schools have different liability laws affecting them. We can help you evaluate the best course of action for you and your child.

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