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Receiving Compensation when Your Symptoms Don’t Show Immediately

It’s no secret it can be incredibly frustrating when you are injured but don’t immediately show symptoms. Not every symptom is immediately following an accident or injury. For example, neck injuries can develop long after someone first experiencing whiplash, for example, as a result of a car accident. Chronic pain can appear as a result of an accident even when it doesn’t seem directly related. How do you receive compensation that accurately represents your current health situation following an accident?

First, keep a detailed record of symptoms and timelines from the very day of the accident to the current day. No detail is too small to include. Those chronic migraines that have developed following a fall at work six months ago? Record it. If you have physical symptoms—for example, swelling of limbs and joints, broken limbs which require casts, etc.—be sure to take photographs of your injuries as they heal.

Another important part of getting the compensation you deserve is being persistent about the level of care you need or the long-lasting impact of the injury. If you display a symptom you think could be related to an incident from months or perhaps years ago—whether as part of an occupation or due to an accident of another type—dropping the issue completely means you will never see any of the compensation you deserve.

Just because your symptoms may be delayed in showing doesn’t mean you should go without proper compensation. Consult Franco Law Firm today to help you determine if you have cause to pursue compensation from a prior or pre-existing injury.

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