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When Does Workers’ Comp Stop Paying?

Any time that an employee sustains an injury while at work or in the workplace, that person is eligible to receive financial compensation to help cover recovery costs. This program is aptly named workers’ compensation and is a right extended to any employee and no matter the kind of injury, so long as it was sustained while the person was on the job. A common question, with regards to the funding provided by workers’ comp, is when does the program stop paying?

The simple answer is that workers’ compensation stops paying when there are no more medical expenses to be paid. Due to the fact that the program itself was designed to completely cover an injured employee’s medical costs, including doctor’s visits, hospital time, physical therapy, and medication, it makes sense that the payments would include everything. It also explains why there is no fixed amount given for workers’ compensation, but rather is specific to each situation.

That being said, if the injury is particularly severe, disability benefits may be dispensed in addition to the typical workers’ compensation. This is meant to help cover the wages that are lost as a result of being unable to work due to the injury. Most of the time, this will be equivalent to two-thirds of the person’s normal pay. These benefits will typically be dispensed for seven days after the initial seven days of being unable to work, but the exact amount and time varies by state. For any state however, the payments will cease when the injured employee returns to work.

Remember that workers’ compensation is guaranteed by law to any employee that is injured while on the job. Therefore, if an employer attempts to deny you workers’ comp, you may have grounds for a lawsuit to obtain this right. Oftentimes, employing companies and their insurance companies will attempt to settle and give a fixed amount rather than the amount to cover medical expenses. You should never take this amount, but rather should instead call the Franco Law Firm so that we can help you through your workers’ comp case and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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