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Yet Another Crane Accident in Florida


Crane accidents are occurring at a worrying pace in Florida. If safety protocols are closely followed on construction sites, these accidents should never happen. The fact that people are dying or becoming injured on an almost weekly basis in the Sunshine State shows that there are serious shortcomings on these construction sites. A recent accident highlights these issues – but what can you do if you have suffered injuries in a crane accident? What if you lost a loved one?

Four Injuries and One Death Reported after Crane Collapse in Coconut Grove 

On August 26th, it was reported that a crane had collapsed at the HCA Florida Mercy Hospital campus in Coconut Grove. The accident claimed the life of one worker and injured four others. It is not clear what caused the 200-foot crane to collapse, but it was apparently carrying heavy equipment when it buckled and fell onto a number of people underneath. The fact that it was carrying heavy equipment may indicate that it was overloaded. Fortunately, no patients at the hospital were affected or injured. However, some patients had to be evacuated due to debris and other hazards.

Some of the workers have suffered serious injuries, and all four were transported to nearby hospitals. This construction project began in 2022, and it involves the replacement of air handlers. This comes just days after a construction lift came into contact with power lines on another construction site, claiming the life of one worker.

What Causes a Crane to Collapse? 

There are a number of factors that may lead to crane collapses, including:

  • Improper assembly: Improper assembly is one of the most common reasons for a crane to collapse. Improper disassembly may also lead to collapse risks.
  • Operator error: Like all pieces of construction equipment, cranes are operated by human beings. Human error can easily lead to crane collapses and other accidents.
  • Weather: Adverse weather can sometimes cause crane collapses, but this is quite rare. For example, severe wind may cause the crane to become unstable.
  • Too much weight: Cranes are only rated to lift certain weights. If they exceed these weights, the threat of a collapse is very real.
  • Unstable ground: Contractors may be very careful about where they set up their cranes. Unstable ground may increase the chances of a collapse.
  • Fires: In very rare cases, a crane fire can cause a collapse. This may have been the cause of a recent crane collapse in New York City.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney in Florida? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Tampa workers’ comp attorney, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs in Tampa, including workers who have suffered harm on construction sites. We can also help family members who have lost loved ones due to these tragic accidents. Book your consultation today to pursue compensation with efficiency and confidence.




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