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A Car Crashed into My Workplace: How Do I Get Compensation?


Most people might assume that an average retail store in Tampa is one of the safest places to work. After all, workers only need to help customers find items, operate cash registers, and carry out basic manual labor. What could go wrong? A number of shocking incidents across Florida show that workers today face a serious risk from an unexpected source: Vehicles crashing straight into storefronts. This type of accident seems to be occurring at a frequent place in Tampa, and they may cause serious injuries for staff. How do these injured workers get compensation?

City Truck Crashes Straight into Gamestop 

On November 11th, it was reported that a city truck in Margate had crashed straight into the front of a Gamestop location. A total of seven people were hospitalized, and one victim was said to be in critical condition. Investigators say that the city worker behind the wheel of the truck accidentally activated the accelerator instead of the brake, causing the vehicle to lurch forward and smash through the store’s glass windows.

This incident seems to have occurred just as police were pulling up to the scene. The authorities were responding to a minor collision in the parking lot that apparently involved the truck – possibly indicating that this city worker was encountering serious issues with controlling their vehicle that day.

It is unclear how many of the victims were customers, and how many were Gamestop employees. However, both sets of victims should theoretically have the option to pursue compensation directly through the City of Margate. After all, it was a city worker in a city truck that caused the accident – possibly due to some kind of negligence. In any case, the victims may be in line to receive settlements from the city, including compensation for pain and suffering. Under normal circumstances, Florida’s no-fault insurance does not provide compensation for these non-economic damages.

It is also worth noting that workers’ compensation is another type of no-fault system. This means that if any Gamestop employees were injured in the crash, they could potentially file claims against the city while simultaneously filing workers’ comp claims. This could theoretically provide them with compensation not only for medical expenses and missed wages, but also the psychological distress associated with such a traumatic accident.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney in Tampa? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Tampa workers’ comp attorney, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. Over the years, we have helped numerous workers seek compensation – even if their claims have already been once denied. We know that retail workers face many threats during an average day on the job, and some may be more obvious than others. Ultimately, the source of your workplace accident should be irrelevant. Book your consultation today to begin pursuing compensation in an efficient manner.




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