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Deadliest Jobs in Florida

Accidents can occur in pretty much every work environment, but most are not serious enough to warrant more than a quick doctors’ visit and an accident report. Some jobs are of course more dangerous than others, but every occupation has at least some risk – even a librarian has to avoid falling books!

The most common work-related fatalities are related to transportation, slips and falls, fires, exposure to harmful substances, and violence due to another person. This means that if a role involves one of the aforementioned, there’s more of a chance an employee will get seriously injured.

So what are the most dangerous jobs in the sunshine state? Let’s take a look in order of most fatalities per 100,000

  1. Loggers – Well-known as one of the most dangerous jobs around, 132 people per 100,000 loggers lose their life.
  2. Fishing Industry – Not as dangerous  as logging but still a risky role to get into, 55 per 100,000 employees in the fishing industry die whilst a work.
  3. Flight engineers/Pilots and Roofers  – coming in joint third place with 40 fatalities each.
  4. Waste and Recycling – Shortly behind at 39 per 100,000 are waste and recycling employees – one of the most surprising on our list.
  5. Iron and steel workers – finally the 5th most deadliest job in Florida is working in the iron or steel industry, where 30 people per 100,000 die.

If you or someone you love is involved in any of the above industries, it’s worth it to have a solid insurance plan just in case the worst happens. You should also ensure that your employer’s health and safety standards are more than up to scratch.

If an employee dies whilst all on the job in Florida, a wrongful death case may be brought to the court. The same rule applies if a person in seriously injured. These types of cases can be complicated, so ensure to work with a law firm that will get the best possible result. Speak with the team at Franco Firm for more details.

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