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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > Workers' Compensation > Can You File Workers’ Comp Claims for Animal Attacks in Florida?

Can You File Workers’ Comp Claims for Animal Attacks in Florida?


Florida is home to all kinds of interesting wildlife, and many people have their own domesticated animals. While living in harmony with animals can be rewarding and interesting, it also comes with its own unique risks. Working alongside animals can be even more dangerous, especially if workers are required to operate in close quarters with dangerous creatures. But what can you do if you were injured by an animal while at work? How can you pursue compensation for these injuries?

Filing Workers’ Comp Claims for Dog Bites 

Unfortunately, delivery workers are constantly being attacked by dogs in Florida. Postal carriers, Amazon delivery workers, UPS workers, FedEx workers, and Uber Eats workers are all at risk for these injuries. Any worker who finds themselves approaching an unknown yard as part of their normal, everyday duties may be attacked by violent, aggressive, and powerful dogs. These dogs have the potential to maim, disfigure, and kill. Even a friendly dog can jump up at a worker, causing them to fall backward and suffer fractures or head injuries.

Organizations like UPS and USPS are well aware of these risks, and they should offer comprehensive workers’ comp coverage for related injuries. Employers may also sue dog owners directly to recoup losses incurred via workers’ comp claims, as dog owners are strictly liable for damages caused by their pets. Workers may also have the opportunity to file personal injury lawsuits against dog owners if their workers’ comp settlements are insufficient.

Wild Animal Attacks 

Wild animal attacks can also lead to workers’ comp claims in Florida. It is a well-known fact that alligators reside in this state, and workers may be attacked by these creatures during their normal workplace duties. These include outdoor workers, such as arborists, landscapers, golf course employees, city workers, and many others. In addition, workers at zoos and other outdoor attractions may even be tasked with wrangling and caring for domestic alligators. Serious injuries may occur due to alligator attacks, including amputations and disfigurement.

Other wild animals in Florida include sharks, rattlesnakes, panthers, bears, and boars. Generally speaking, any animal attack that occurs during normal workplace duties can lead to workers’ compensation claims. When filing a claim, you may need to show that you did not needlessly provoke the animal into attacking, and you were genuinely carrying out your normal workplace duties when the attack occurred.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Workers’ Comp Attorney in Tampa? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Tampa workers’ comp attorney, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. We understand that the average worker in Florida may suffer all kinds of different injuries while carrying out their duties. Animals pose a surprising risk to various workers, especially those in certain fields. With our help, you can pursue the compensation you need for these injuries and receive funds for missed wages, medical treatment, and more. Book your consultation today to get started.




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