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Suing After a Factory Explosion in Tampa


Factory workers in Florida face numerous hazards – including being caught in machinery, being exposed to toxins, and suffering repetitive strain injuries. However, one of the most overlooked dangers for these often-underappreciated workers is an explosion. Factories explode on a relatively regular basis across the United States, and Florida has seen plenty of these incidents within the past few years alone. What should you do after being injured in a Tampa factory explosion? Can you sue to recover damages?

The Worst Florida Factory Explosions in Recent Memory 

In Florida, the most widely reported factory explosion in 2023 was the Air Liquide disaster. In early May, one of Air Liquide’s plants in High Springs detonated – injuring four workers. Although three of these employees were released from a local hospital relatively quickly, the fourth ostensibly suffered from worse injuries and required a longer stay. The company assured the public that no harmful toxins were released into the air, but not everyone was convinced.

About one month later, the US Department of Labor concluded that “safety failures” were to blame for the blast, and that Air Liquide “could have prevented” the accident if it had followed basic safety protocols. Among other things, the company was accused of not containing gasses in a safe manner, not carrying out proper hazard analysis, not removing ignitable equipment, and misclassifying certain buildings. New information emerged about the serious injuries suffered by the fourth worker, which were said to be “life-altering.”

Six years earlier, an explosion at a Tampa Electric Company Plant killed five workers. The 2017 blast occurred at a coal-fired power plant, and the incident involved hardened slag. Instead of shutting down the furnace before attempting to remove the slag (as outlined by established safety protocols), the company hired a third-party contractor to blast the slag away with high-pressure water – while the plant was still active. A subsequent explosion sprayed nearby workers with molten slag, killing five and injuring several others. In the end, the Tampa Electric Company pleaded guilty to misconduct and paid a $500,000 fine.

How Can I Pursue Compensation After a Factory Explosion in Tampa? 

In most cases, injuries at exploding factories will lead to workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ comp should cover medical expenses, missed wages, and other related economic damages for explosion-related injuries. This compensation should also cover expenses related to worker deaths. Personal injury lawsuits may also be possible if gross negligence was involved – or if the explosion was caused by a third-party contractor.

Find a Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Tampa

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Tampa workers’ compensation attorney, look no further than the Franco Law Firm. With our assistance, you can pursue compensation after suffering an injury at a factory in Tampa. Whether your injury was caused by a fire, an explosion, or some other factor, you are legally entitled to financial support as a valued US worker. Families may also pursue compensation if they have lost loved ones in fatal factory explosions. Reach out today to get started with an action plan.





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