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Avoid Making These Mistakes in Your SSDI Application

Many Americans apply for SSDI benefits and their applications end up being denied because of small mistakes on the application, or a lack of detail in the forms completed. It’s helpful to have representation in your application process to help you be consistent throughout your application materials.

One mistake is applying for disability benefits while you are still working. SSDI benefits typically indicate that a claimant is not able to fully engage in their work. If you are earning an income while applying for SSDI, this contradicts the idea you are not able to work and makes your application appear inaccurate and disingenuous.

Another mistake is simple yet easy to do—missing a deadline on your application or appeals process. It’s no secret the application process for SSDI benefits can seem daunting and you have many deadlines and forms to complete. Missing a deadline can kill your chances for application approval. If you are filing an appeal and miss the 60-day window from the point of application denial to file an appeal, the SSA is unlikely to approve your application. Having representation can also help you manage this part of the process as well.

If you do not have sufficient medical evidence to corroborate your SSDI disability benefits application, this can prevent you from receiving approval for benefits. It is widely recommended for you to work closely with your doctors and specialists to gather documentation and evidence of your condition, including the times you began to display symptoms, the treatment plans you have tried, and how your disability is progressing or regressing as you tried to work. If you have been prescribed a treatment plan to try to aid your recovery and ease your symptoms, but you do not follow the treatment plan well, this can result in a rejection of your application. The SSA wants to thoroughly prove that SSDI benefits are required for you beyond a shadow of a doubt, meaning your condition will definitely last beyond 12 months or until death.

At Franco Law Firm, we can help you understand the complex facets of your SSDI application. We understand the ins and outs of the SSA system, including how to file appeals should your application be denied. Since denials are common, it’s important to have patience and stick with the process even when it is discouraging.

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