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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Can I Sue an Employer for Overworking or Overscheduling Me?

Can I Sue an Employer for Overworking or Overscheduling Me?

Many people work hard at their jobs, but what happens when that hard work becomes too much? There are some jobs where people work well over 40 hours and this can have detrimental effects on one’s health over time. While it may be unhealthy, is it illegal for an employer to overwork or overschedule someone? Could there be civil legal action against the employer if they do?

Unfortunately, there is no law that limits how often a person may work, provided that they are being paid properly. Any time over 40 hours should be paid time and a half overtime pay unless it is a salaried employee. If your employer is overworking or overscheduling you and not paying, there is certainly legal action that could be undergone. 

More often, however, it is the case that someone is being scheduled and working too much, but is not getting any relief from his or her employer. Again, this is legal, but the side effects caused by it may indeed open grounds for a lawsuit against the employer. Overexertion on the job can lead to injuries in the workplace or other, similar complications. If this has happened to you, you absolutely have the right to sue your employer.

That being said, it is sometimes difficult to prove that it is indeed the overworking that is caused the health problems. Medical documentation goes a long way to this, but it may still be an uphill battle. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through such a process alone. We at the Franco Law Firm have helped many workers claim the compensation they deserve from their employers and we would be happy to help you do the same. To learn more and to schedule a free consultation with us today, please call (813) 872-0929.

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