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Common Tourist Injuries in Florida

The state of Florida welcomed a little over one hundred million visitors in 2016, and is one of the top states for tourism both international and domestic. Tourism is a major aspect of the Florida economy, as the state contains thousands of businesses, attractions, and natural beauty that attracts visitors year after year. However, sometimes accidents can happen as you visit a destination.

All attractions and businesses are required by law to implement specific safety measures and keep their premises as hazard-free as possible. Still, accidents are possible. For example, theme park rides can malfunction, or visitors can be injured on a water slide or in a pool. Sometimes injuries happen even if a business is in compliance with safety requirements. Other accidents can happen on cruise ships or on public transportation; for example, monorails or trains can malfunction and cause injury in some cases.

Some injuries can even be a result of heat exhaustion or heat stroke in the Florida summer. It is much harder to prove a business or attraction would be at fault for a tourist experiencing these kinds of health concerns. Other injuries, like broken limbs at a theme park or attraction, largely depend on the individual case itself as to if the company or attraction in Florida is at fault for the injury.

Often it is in the best interest of the attraction to keep statistics on ride or incidents at a park quiet to avoid a public relations crisis. Ultimately, accidents happen and we at Franco Law Firm want to represent our clients with integrity so that injuries to tourists are not taken lightly in Florida.

If you are injured while you’re a tourist in the state of Florida, you can reach out to a personal injury lawyer at Franco Law Firm and discuss your case. We’re committed to you getting answers in your case and we want to make sure the state of Florida has safe and reliable attractions and businesses for the use of consumers, whether they are visitors or residents. Safety in Florida is paramount, especially for the tourism industry which sees such a large volume of visitors. Keeping your family safe and injury-free while on vacation is key so you can enjoy your time off.

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