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Most Common Occupational Illnesses

Missing time from work due to an illness is not an uncommon occurrence, however it is also fairly common for illnesses to be contracted while at work. Although workers in certain fields are more at risk than others, becoming afflicted with an occupational illness is a harmful part of work that can have serious health consequences. In particular, skin, respiratory, and sensory illnesses are among the most common for workers in at-risk fields.

Skin diseases, such as eczema, caner, dermatitis, rashes, and inflammations are among the most common for occupations that involve working outside, such as construction workers, farmers, roofers, painters, and more. This is primarily because constant exposure to heat and sunlight can damage the skin in the long term and the hazardous chemicals that these individuals have to work with can irritate the skin. Respiratory diseases are also common among workers that breathe in such harmful chemicals regularly as well.

Although not as common, hearing loss is a problem for workers that operate heavy machinery. These kinds of equipment tend to be loud and therefore longtime usage of these tools at close range can damage the ears. The same might apply for eyesight for employees that constantly have their eyes strained, such as those that sit in front of a computer screen all day.

No matter what your profession, you as an employee have the right to workers’ compensation if you develop any of these or any kind of affliction while on the job. If your employer refuses, you have the right to pursue a workers’ compensation lawsuit to see justice served for you. If this happens, please feel free to call (813) 872-0929 and have us at the Franco Law Firm help guide you through your case and see that you receive the financial benefits that you deserve.

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