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Receiving Compensation for No Fault Injuries

No-fault injuries usually occur when in some kind of accident or other, you are unable to place the blame on (in a car accident) the other driver. Even if you are able to place the blame on the other driver, sometimes the insurance company won’t accept the claim anyway. Many states still base their insurance claims on a fault-based system. That means the company will only fulfill the claim if you can place fault. If they do not accept the claim, you will have to file a lawsuit in order to get compensated.

Luckily, in Florida, they have instituted a no-fault insurance policy. That means it doesn’t matter who is at fault in the injury. You file the claim with your own insurance company, and if they accept it, they will fulfill it. This streamlines the process a lot.

In Florida’s version of the no-fault insurance, all drivers must carry a certain amount of personal protection. That means that in whatever accident you’re in, the insurance company will cover things like medical expenses and lost wages up to the particular limit amounts. In some states, you get to choose who to file insurance claims with but Florida is purely no-fault. The coverage will often extend to others in your car, such as your children.

Drivers can pursue lawsuits and claims outside of the no-fault system if there is significant and/or permanent damage beyond what is covered in the insurance plan. Personal injury protection provided through the requirements of the no-fault law often pays only a portion of the resulting medical expenses. Medical expenses are so high, you may need help covering the rest of them. Any accident can be very expensive, both for your car and your body. If you have a lot of expenses that reach beyond what the insurance company will cover, this may mark a time it may be worth consulting an attorney to see what your options are and receive the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney can help you understand the details of your particular no-fault, personal injury plan and understand how much the insurance company may cover as well as how much you can sue for.

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