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Returning to Work After a Workers Compensation Settlement

Returning to work after an on the job injury can be pretty daunting, but still very exciting. You might be looking forward to seeing all of your old coworkers or maybe getting back into a normal routine. However, you may have some questions about returning to work. Will you get the same wages? Will the worker’s compensation benefits stop? Franco Law Firm is here to help you answer those tough questions.

In some cases, an injured employee may return to work and receive the same wages or salary as he or she earned prior to the on the job injury. However, there are some instances where the injury could prevent the employee from earning the same amount. For example, maybe the employee can not perform the same amount of work that they could before the injury. The injured employee may earn less. It is not illegal to lower the wages an employee earns when they leave on workers compensation. In some states, they do not even require the workplace to hold the job open for you if you are gone for too long. However, in cases where the employee returns and they are making less money, it is possible that the injured employee may still be receiving workers compensation benefits. It might not be the same amount as before the sustained the injury, but they should receive something.

In some instances, the injury may have been so bad that the employee might be scared to return to work in fear that they might get injured again. It is important to understand that this fear of another injury on the job is very normal in people who have suffered from injuries. With the help of medical professionals, you will be able to work through this fear and return to work.

Let Franco Law Firm handle the stress of the changes in your worker’s compensation benefits when you return to work while you focus on recovering. To learn more about workers compensation and to schedule a free consultation, please call us at (813) 872-0929.

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