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Tampa Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > General > Six Recalled Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices of 2017

Six Recalled Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices of 2017

Every year, hundreds of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are recalled due to safety reasons. You’d be surprised at what gets recalled – oftentimes, it’s not just heavy drugs or pain medications or other dangerous substances. It can be everyday medical substances like eyewash or local-pharmacy medical devices that have a lack of sterility or other dangerous conditions. Even baby bottles are subject to this.

If you have experienced a problem with a device, it is always worth checking if it has been recalled. You may even need to report the issue to make sure other consumers are not using the dangerous product. If the product has been recalled and you incurred medical expenses or lost wages as a result of the issue, you should consult an attorney to see if you may quality for compensation. At the very least, a replacement product or refund may be available to you.

1. X-gen brand Ibuprofen injection. This particular Ibuprofen was recalled due to particulate matter present in the medicine. The product is produced by Excela Pharma Sciences, LLC, and was recalled in February of this year.

2. Some Advanced Pharma brand sterile products labeled “latex-free” produced at the Houston location. Some of these products may actually have traces of latex in them, potentially producing sometimes deadly allergic reactions in patients. These products were made by the Avella Specialty Pharmacy. They were recalled at the end of February this year.

3. Some dietary pills by LaBri’s Body Health brand were recalled at the end of March. They were produced by the company Envy Me, and were recalled because they are a new drug that have not been government-approved. This puts consumers and patients at major risk.

4. Also in March, some Mylan Epi-pens were recalled due to a potential defect causing the device to not work properly and fail to activate, not properly distributing the medication needed to prevent a deadly allergic reaction.

5. Caverflo is a brand that produced a natural herbal coffee, which was recalled in May for undeclared ingredients. The undeclared ingredients included sildenafil, tadalafil, and milk.

6. Bellapharma has had to recall all unexpired sterile drug products in August due to lack of assurance of sterility. Sterility is very important to keep products safe for consumers.

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